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Manna House

What We Do

We provide a residential program with access to community services for the chronic homeless who truly desire to improve their life and move from homelessness to self sufficiency.

Long Term Commitment

Manna House is a 24-bed facility* providing safe and affordable transitional housing for homeless men focused on improving their current situation and therein their life. All of the residents were chronically homeless, according to HUD’s definition, and generally have addiction, legal problems and mental health issues. Because the residents of The Manna House have accepted the powerlessness of their addictions and have made the conscious decision toward recovery, a high level of accountability and security exists at The Manna House. During their two-year program, residents attend twelve-step meetings (e.g., N.A., A.A., Al-Anon, S.A.A.), and there is a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs.

What’s The Need?

The good news is that Manna House is full!

The bad news though is that Manna House is full – and we have people waiting for an open bed and practical help on their road to Recovery.

Therefore, we have an urgent appeal for your help. We have an immediate need for StartUp Funding of $48,000 (see suggested donation increments below) to secure additional housing and furnishings for 16 homeless men dealing with Recovery issues – and now more-so with cold weather settling in and many facing homelessness in the Tri-Cities region.

We have identified locations that would allow us to expand, we just need emergency funding to secure start-up costs for “Manna House II” Will you help?

It would be awesome to be able to bring people out of the cold and provide not only safe housing but the wrap-around services that Manna House has been delivering for years – literally saving lives and restoring hope and a future. (See our listing of over 40 community partners and services delivered to Manna House residents).

People with addictions and recovery issues have been labeled “the modern day leprosy”Thanks in advance for your support and help in tackling this need!

Here’s How You Can Help

Fairview Housing has worked out a special emergency rental rate of $250 per month for each homeless resident. That rate includes all of the wrap-around services through community partners which normally includes case management, accountability, employment training and job assistance, donated meals, free medical, free dental, free vision, free legal and much more. This is a comprehensive program that has a success rate of over 80% for helping residents greatly improve their lives! Over the past 19 years, hundreds of residents have stated the Manna House, and the recovery program within, actually saved their lives. The price of a life can’t be measured in dollars but, sometimes it takes only a few dollars (plus a lot of care and love) to save a life! The opioid crisis is taking lives every day, Manna House has been saving lives for 19 years. Please Help!!

  • Donate for 1 homeless resident for one year ($3,000)
  • Donate for 1 homeless resident for one month ($250)
  • Donate for 1 homeless resident for one week ($62)
  • Donate for 1 homeless resident for one day ($9)

Thank you!

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