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Our Programs

Manna House provides a residential program with access to community services for the chronic homeless who truly desire to improve their life and move from homelessness to self sufficiency.

Appalachian Homeless Family Housing provides assistance to our neighbors transitioning from homelessness to stable housing, empowering families to live independently in supportive housing.

BLR is a recovery community for individuals challenged by substance abuse to discover the strength, skills and healing necessary to reclaim their lives.

Some of the Ways

Fairview Helps the Community

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Fairview has continuously strived to meet the need of placing and keeping people "under roof." The majority of people needing rapid rehousing also have issues that require customized attention and even recovery services. Fairview offers various programs via direct services along with over 40 Community Partners. We are confident you will find a program for you, a friend or a loved one in need.

Fairview Housing

What Our Residents Say

“I was excited to finally enter your educational center, and start my course in a group of great people who know what they want and try very hard to get it. Thank you so much and good luck!”

Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones

“Thank you guys for the most amazing experience of getting the right education. You do a great job, and I wish you much inspiration, fresh ideas and more bright students there.”

Matt Morrison

Company Director
Matt Morrison

“I am absolutely happy about the results of my training course, and would love to thank all teachers who have put their effort in creating such an awesome learning atmosphere in class!”

William Perry

William Perry

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